Bath Lighting Fixtures

Anyone who has ever remodeled a bathroom knows how important it is to have just the right bath lighting fixtures to accent the room’s décor. Every bathroom needs the proper lighting to provide safety and showcase the other elements of the room’s design, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for boring, bland fixture choices. The bathroom is one of those rooms where you should feel free to exercise your creativity and create a look that is all your own. Here are some of the best creative choices for your bath lighting fixtures.

Using Bar Lights

While many people would never consider using bar lights for their bath lighting fixtures, the fact s that these little torch chains can be a dramatic part of your overall bathroom ambiance. The wonderful thing about these lights is the flexibility that they provide with respect to directional lighting. The ability to turn the lights up or down to accommodate for the rest of the room’s lighting is but one of the many features of bar lights that make them such an attractive choice. Many people use these lights in lieu of traditional sconce lighting.

Using Sconces for Bath Lighting Fixtures

Don’t think that sconces have waned in popularity. They remain as useful for bath lighting fixtures as ever. Similar to mounted wall lamps, these attached lighting sources are prized for the way they reflect their light up toward the ceiling. In addition, they provide a softer type of light than many overhead fixtures, while still providing enough illumination for your lighting needs.

The Vanity Globe Light

For bath lighting fixtures around the vanity mirror of the sink, few choices are as attractive as vanity globes. Spherical and semi-translucent, these globes of glass provide just the right amount of light for your grooming needs, without any of the glare that often accompanies other types of lighting. Te advantage of these vanity globes is that they are flexible enough in both placement and overall illumination to enable you to provide lighting for sinks ranging from the modern double sink to the more traditional and older narrow basins.

Shower fixtures

When it comes to the shower area, however, the choices are a little more limited. To begin with, you want recessed lighting that is capable of withstanding the heavy accumulation of moisture that the shower or bath produces. This, of course, limits your options somewhat. Nevertheless, you can still choose the shape and color of the recessed fixtures, as well as the intensity of the light that is produced by these bath lighting fixtures.

Making your choice

The key to making the best choice for your bathroom lighting fixtures is to know what overall style you are seeking to create within the bathroom environment. Much of this decision will revolve around whether you are looking for a traditional, elegant ambiance in the bathroom or something more modern. Once you have made that decision for your bathroom, you will have a much easier time selecting the right lighting fixtures for your room décor. Even the smallest changes in color, shape, and style of lighting can dramatically impact the effectiveness of your design choices.

Remember always that the bathroom is one of the most important rooms to illuminate. Though design and appearance should play a part in your decision making process, so too should the overall functionality of the bath lighting fixtures you choose. Once you have the right style choices in mind, you will have no trouble at all in selecting the perfect fixtures for your bathroom lighting needs.

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