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In the world of home decorating, lighting can often be the difference between mediocre aesthetics and a dynamic décor. Regardless of which room in the house you are attempting to decorate, the wrong lighting can ruin the overall effect of the décor. In contrast, the right lighting can enhance even average décor. This is true even in the bathroom – a room that many people often neglect when deciding upon the overall look and feel that they want their home to have. In fact, there are few rooms in the home in which lighting plays a more critical role as important a role as it does with bath lighting.

The Importance of Bath Lighting

Have you ever walked into a poorly lit bathroom? Improper bath lighting not only presents a gloomy appearance within the room, but can even make large bathrooms feel smaller. Of course, the true negatives of improper bath lighting extend far beyond simple aesthetics. When the bathroom is not lit properly, the dim environment poses a significant hazard for everyone in the home. Whether it is the dangers involved in shaving in low light or simply the hazard of falling on wet floors, there is simply no excuse for poor bath lighting.

Bath Lighting – Doing it right

When bath lighting is done properly, any bathroom can become one of your favorite places in the home. The key is to know which elements of the bathroom should be illuminated, and how the fixtures should be placed to avoid unnecessary glare. Here are a few tips for ensuring that your bathroom décor is properly enhanced with the right type of lighting.

Illuminating The Bathroom Mirror

The vanity mirror over your bathroom sink should be brightly illuminated so that you have adequate lighting for grooming purposes. Most people accomplish this by using lights that are placed on vertical sconces or other fixtures located to the left and right of the mirror. If the bathroom is too small or the layout does not permit that lighting style, lights can be installed at the very top of the mirror instead. The point is to place the lighting so that no shadows are cast upon the person looking into the mirror. That, of course, generally rules out any type of overhead lighting near the mirror.

Shower and Tub Lighting

Bath lighting is no less important in the actual bath area. The needs for the shower and bath area are somewhat different than the requirements for the vanity mirror, however. The steam and condensation created from the water in a shower or bath can quickly cloud up any lighting in the area, so your focus in this area should be on lights that resist vapor. In addition, this is the one area in the bathroom that should always make maximum use of recessed lighting.

Other Bath Lighting Thoughts

Most homeowners also have some type of overhead bath lighting in the center of the room to ensure consistent lighting throughout the environment. While the bath and vanity lighting is generally limited in style because of its focus on functionality, the overhead lighting offers more opportunity for you to be stylish in your choices. The choices can range from simple fixtures to extravagant chandeliers.

The point is that your bath lighting choices are essential to completing your bathroom décor. By following these simple tips, however, you can ensure that you give consideration to every important element in your lighting scheme and create a bath lighting décor that is both functional and beautiful. The key is to have a detailed plan in place before you begin to decorate the bathroom, and select the fixtures that best enhance the overall look of the room.

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